Why MissioLife?

March 23, 2012 in About MissioLife, By Chris

Henri Nouwen once said, “People want to see and hear stories and experience their own stories in the context of a larger, more dramatic, more explicit, or more intense one.”**

This is one reason we have created MissioLife.  We desire to help you as you guide your children, adults and teens into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to see their lives wrapped up or implicated in the story and mission of God.

By intentionally moving through the entire story of God each year, you will be guiding your whole community into an intense story in which they’ll find meaning for God, self, their relationships with others and with the surrounding world.

It is within the whole story and mission of God that we see God’s passionate and consistent pursuit of a restored relationship with humanity.   God’s mission is to restore the world to its intended wholeness and God is calling you and I to join with the entire Church to participate with God in this redemptive work.

MissioLife is simply a tool to help you as you inspire others toward living in the way of the One the story of God serves, Jesus.

**From Sabbatical Journey: The Diary of His Final Year, page 10