On Mission, Part 4

April 10, 2012 in About MissioLife, By Chris, Missional Living

This is 4th in a series of posts called, “On Mission.”  Click for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


So far in this series of posts we have covered the term “missional,” the origins of the mission of God, and the nature of the mission of God.  I think our next step in a better understanding of the mission of God is to realize the four key components of the work of God’s mission.   This is how we, the people of God, the church, find ways to participate in God’s mission.

Component # 1 – Evangelism – proclaiming and performing the gospel

Component # 2 – Contextualization – making the gospel message relevant

Component # 3 – Liberation – setting the “captives” free (Think Luke 4:18 & 19)

Component # 4 – Impartation – converting culture from hearers to storytellers

It is imperative to know what we mean when we use the word “missional” to describe how we are living.  If you say you are missional and you are not integrating the above components into your everyday life and the life of your church, you are confused as to what missional is.  Each of these four components has subsequent aspects of mission implicit within them (Think Liberation: Justice), however, in my opinion, these are the four main components of missional living.

People who live missionally share the gospel message that Jesus is King, make that message relevant to the every day life of people, work to free people from the constraints that keep them from a restored relationship with God and find ways to convert people into disciples who are making disciples.