On Mission, Part 2

February 21, 2012 in By Chris, Missional Living

See Part 1 here

In his great work entitled Transforming Mission, David Bosch said:

“It cannot be denied that the missio Dei notion has helped to articulate the conviction that neither the church nor any other human agent can ever be considered the author or bearer of the mission. Mission is primarily and ultimately the work of the Triune God, Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier, for the sake of the world, a ministry in which the church is privileged to participate . . . . Mission has its origin in the heart of God. God is a fountain of sending love. This is the deepest source of mission. It is impossible to penetrate deeper still; there is mission because God loves people.”


Mission is not our idea, it is who God is. When we, as churches, work to guide children, youth, and adults in Christian formation for the sake of the world (more on this in forthcoming posts) we do so knowing that we can only understand mission as it is seen in God’s heart and the narrative of Scripture. This is the reason why I have undertaken this massive project called MissioLife.


The origins of the mission of God are the heart of God and the story God tells.

I desire to come alongside churches by creating biblical, intentional, and practical content that helps you guide your people (worship services, small groups, children’s ministry, youth ministry, etc.) into Christian formation that is rooted in the heart of God. MissioLife seeks to provide you with a framework for a multi-generational approach.


I am doing a series of webinars on March 13, April 5, and May 17. You can learn more about them at www.missiolife.com/webinar. I invite you to join me in discovering how MissioLife can help you create disciple-making environments in your faith community.


As you think through the discipleship process in your church, remember that the mission of God is the context for understanding the person and work of Jesus. If you want people to know and love Jesus, they need to see where Jesus fits into the mission. God proclaims the kingdom, Jesus makes the kingdom present, and the Holy Spirit gives witness to Jesus through the life and practices of the Church, the people of God.


In what ways does your disciple-making environment include the mission of God as a foundational element for living in the way of Jesus?