Each year Chris collaborates with dozens of churches and Christian organizations to help them guide children, students and adults into Christian formation for the mission of God.

Through four primary workshops called, Enroute, Encounter, Engage and Elements, Chris and a team of facilitators assist churches and Christian organizations to create, nurture and sustain environments and practices for effective discipleship.  These four workshops can be customized to meet the needs of each individual church or organizations objectives and goals.  Contact Chris below for all the necessary details related to hosting a workshop or series of workshops in your church, district or region.

Enroute: encourages leaders to develop a transformational approach to ministry to children, youth and adults. We’ve come to expect the inevitable change in our lives but we pray for life-long spiritual transformation!



Encounter explores the person and work of Jesus and is designed to help you discover how to help children, youth and adults live, love, and lead in the way of Jesus.




Engage explores how to become a more helpful spiritual mentor as you walk alongside of children, youth and adults and guide and direct them into deeper relationships with God and others.




Elements is intended to help you develop effective ministry environments for nurturing the ongoing spiritual discovery and growth of children, youth and adults in your church or ministry and for the mission to people outside of your church or ministry.



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