The Story and Mission of God: an FAQ

March 1, 2012 in By Chris, Missional Living

As we help guide our children, youth and adults into the story and mission of God it is critical that we help them discover responses to the following questions:

Who is God? – It is in a full-narrative approach to God and God’s mission that we begin to understand and know God.  Particularly, how God relates to our own individual story and the stories of others (family, culture, history, etc.)

What do I believe about God? – Faith in God, developed through the narratives of God, self, others and the world help us and the children, youth and adults of our faith communities to move the our faith from an intellectual pursuit or activity to a practical reality.  Theology becomes tangible when it is lived out.

Who am I? – We become aware of what it means to live into the image in which we have been created (likeness of God) when we discover both the special calling (unique gifts and talents) and general calling (agents of God’s love) that God has for us as humans.  The meaning of the Christian life is found in our call to be God’s image and live faithful stories.

How do I live? – What we have come to know and experience about God through Scripture, thought, practice and conviction helps us to develop a set of virtues in which we allow to shape our inner life.

How do I participate with God’s mission? – Ultimately, our outer life is formed by the inner virtues.  These inner virtues, in the end, are the way we interact with people, the urgencies that we seek to live out and the patterns of our lives that co-operate with God’s mission.

Want to help people turn missional instincts into missional expressions?  If so, it’ll need to be through a full-narrative view of God and God’s desired work in this world.